Small Connection…


Without actually “connecting.”

Tonight after the gym I was walking on Park Avenue heading towards Grand Central Station. It’s an approximately 8 block walk. I was a couple of blocks into my walk when I noticed a slightly older short gentleman (would say 40ish) walking with 2 heavy grocery bags adjacent to me.

We walked about the same speed because we kept stopping at all the same lights. I know what you might be thinking… How am I waking so slow? Especially being I’m not carrying anything heavy and I just left the gym and this guys carrying not 1, but 2 bags! Well I had leg day yesterday and I’m enjoying the sights of park Ave as I eat my wasabi peas, ok! 😉

Anyway this continues for the rest of the blocks.

Side note: I didn’t get a creepy vibe from him either by the way.

Now we’re walking slightly down hill approaching 42nd street aka Grand Central’s entrance. I finished my wasabi peas and was super thirsty so I went to reach around my book-bag to find my water bottle that’s in the side pocket and I couldn’t reach it. After a couple of tries my T-Rex arms gave up. I thought for a second “maybe I should just ask this guy I’ve been walking next to this whole time”… but then I thought “nahh.”

Now we’re both standing at the light right in front of the entrance (now that I’m thinking about it I don’t remember getting so many red lights during one walk ever— ok back to the story) so he asks me, “hey were you trying to reach for your water?” “Why yes, I was!” I exclaimed. He then said “Can I get that for you.” I nodded yes, then chuckled and thanked him as he handed me my water. I then said “That’s so funny I was actually going to ask you to get it for me.” Then I said thank you, wished him a great night and said God bless.

Mind you I wasn’t walking & texting, or on the phone at all, not even listening to music. Fully present, alert & engaged which is the best way to take on the city. At least in my opinion. He was doing the same and in that sense we connected without having to literally connect through “technology.” Slightly long explanation, yet a pretty cool moment indeed.

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