‘At a Languorous Pace’ at Sears Peyton Gallery, New York

Sears Peyton Gallery, New York presents ‘At a Languorous Pace,’ a group exhibition featuring works by 13 prominent artists from July 6 through August 11, 2017.Founded in 1999, the Sears Peyton Gallery is famous for showcasing American contemporary art. Located in the Chelsea art district in Manhattan, New York, the gallery has represented works by famed American contemporary artists such as Jane Rosen, John Huggins, Andrew Zimmerman and the likes.The upcoming exhibition ‘At a Languorous Place’ will portray the intentional rest of summer vacation along with the diligence and open-endedness of studio practice, thus unveiling the slowness they share. The exhibits include works by artists Michael Abrams, Agnes Barley, Shawn Dulaney, Thomas Hager, Tyler Haughey, Patricia Iglesias, Karen J. Revis, Jane Rosen, Jason Frank Rothenberg, Rick Shaefer, Suzy Spence, Jen Wink Hays and Andrew Zimmerman.The exhibition will be on view at Sears Peyton Gallery, 210 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001For details, visit: http://www.searspeyton.comClick on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.

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