‘Kiss: From Rodin to Bob Dylan’ at Bröhan Museum, Berlin

Bröhan Museum, Berlin is presenting “Kiss: From Rodin to Bob Dylan” through October 3, 2017. The art around 1900 was obsessed with the kiss. Art Nouveau discovered the ornamental qualities of the motif, and in symbolism, the deadly kisses of Sphinx, Vampire, and Co. had a buzz. After the First World War, the fascination of art for the kiss remained alive and reached another climax in expressionism.The exhibition begins with the art of the late 19th century and pursues the motif to the present. In addition to painting, graphics, sculpture and applied art, there are also examples of photography, film, video art, installation, performance, medication history and advertising. On display are works by Auguste Rodin, Franz von Stuck, Edvard Munch, Peter Behrens, Juergen Teller, Timm Ulrichs, Marina Abramović, Cornelia Schleime, Bob Dylan and many others. The exhibition is on view at Bröhan Museum, Schloßstraße 1a, 14059 Berlin, Germany.For details, visit:     Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.

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