'Adam Lee: This Earthen Tent' at BEERS London

BEERS London will play host to ‘This Earthen Tent’, an exhibition of a new body of paintings by Australian artist Adam Lee.’This Earthen Tent’ continues Lee’s exploration of the idea of human pilgrimage and the experience of lamentation as a metaphor for the act of painting. This new series considers how the temporality of human experience might interact with ideas of transcendence or what the artist refers to as a divine reality. Themes of family, as well as ideas of shelter or protection tend to typify the paintings, evoking a sense of ethereality or nostalgia, but ultimately reflecting Lee’s fascination with our longing for home. From the idyllic to the pastoral, Lee’s imagery, that is at once folkloric and fantastical, includes shrine and tabernacles, funerary scenes or groups engaged in pilgrimage, often circulating around the hermit as a metaphoric figure or unwitting protagonist. For Lee, each painting presents itself as a vessel to link two worlds: one of everyday human experience and the other glimpsed opaquely, as if occulted by the passing of time and the limitations of human understanding, while simultaneously weighted within the world of the here and the now.Adam Lee (b.1979, Melbourne, Australia) received his Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology. Lee’s solo exhibitions include “Eden. Exile. Babel” (2015) at Station, Melbourne, “Into the Heart of the Sea and the Sea and to the Roots of the Mountains” (2013) and “The World Travailing” (2012) at Kalimanrawlins, Melbourne, and also, “And They Build for Themselves Kingdoms” (2011), Tristian Koenig, Melbourne. Lee has been shortlisted for numerous awards including the Geelong Contemporary Art Prize, Geelong Gallery, Geelong, Victoria (2014). The exhibition will be on view from August 24 through September 30, 2017, at BEERS London, 1 Baldwin St., London, EC1V 9NU, UK.For details, visit: on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the artworks. 

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