Alex Salmond got cut off live on radio just when he was about to tell a story about sadomasochism

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ALEX SALMOND was cut off live on radio this morning – just when he was about to tell a story about sadomasochism.

The former Scottish First Minister was stopped by host John Humphrys at precisely the wrong time.

Alex Salmond lost his Westminster seat earlier this year and now is doing his own show at the Edinburgh fringe
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The BBC had been doing a feature about changing attitudes to sex, which Mr Salmond said he had caught a bit of earlier.

The former SNP leader said: “When I came on the programme this morning you were talking about sadomasochism.

“I actually once was part of a three part live…”

But just at that very moment he was interrupted by the host.

“Got to stop you at exactly that point!” he said. “How frustrating. The programme has come to an end.”

Alex Salmond loses his seat back in June
Sky News
Alex Salmond loses Gordon to Conservative Colin Clark

First Minster Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond

He was on the airwaves to chat about the start of his new show at the Edinburgh fringe festival.

The gigs, where he will interview a series of special guests, will be complete with music, comedy and “light-hearted banter”, he said.

The 62-year-old added: “There is already plenty of excitement and quite a few surprises.

“I suspect some people might be taken aback at the range of friends I invite along.”

The politician, who lost his seat during June’s election, has even had to put on MORE dates because of the huge demand for tickets.

This morning he denied it would involve stand-up comedy.

“Politicians who do stand up fall down,” he joked.

He also made jokes about Donald Trump – the US president who is currently in the middle of a major stand-off with North Korea.

If he were president for the day he would “declare my undying support for Scottish independence,” he vowed, despite even Nicola Sturgeon edging away from her demands for a second vote following losing seats in June’s election.

Alex Salmond lifts the lid on explosive late night calls from former ally Donald Trump

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