Ken Stringfellow plays Cape House on 09/10

Usually at this time of the week we contemplate the top 5 shows of the weekend, and indeed there are some great acts in town but for all intents and purposes there is only one show that really matters aside from the debut of Fliege at The Well on Thursday. Ken Stringfellow is playing a rare solo show at Cape House on Sunday the 10th of September, and you should probably buy tickets before even finishing this sentence.

As a founding member of one of, if not the best power pop band of all time, The Posies, Stringfellow also has a superb solo discography, as well as being a past touring member of REM and the reformed Big Star; not to mention his more-than 200-album credit discography overall.

Support at Cape House comes from the appropriately REM-ish Big Quiet and Kyle Forester of Crystal Stilts, whose reverb-heavy tunes are closest to Deerhunter when they decide to write a pop-hit.

Stringfellow shows are just about the most intimate you can experience, he’ll often play on the floor in among the crowd and it’s hard not to get sucked into his every word, a feat most songwriters can only dream of.

Here are some choice cuts for your enjoyment ahead of Sunday’s show. I hope to see you there!


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