Are walkers at Mercedes-Benz Stadium getting a raw…

Are walkers at Mercedes-Benz Stadium getting a raw deal?


People had problems getting out of Mercedes-Benz stadium during last weekend’s Tennesee/GA Tech football game. There were 30-45 minute lines just for reaching the doors, and many fans ended up scaling walls from their seating areas in order to get a better place in line.

According to Curbed Atlanta, stadium officials have responded, and the culprit seems to be that not enough game attendees drove to the stadium. Pointing out that “the majority of visitors over the weekend were from out of town,” they say the post-game bottleneck occurred when a majority of fans exited to the east via the main plaza, in the direction of downtown hotels and MARTA.

The other exits take attendees to parking facilities, which didn’t get as much use as stadium officials expected during this game.

So… did we really end up with a stadium design, in Downtown Atlanta, that anticipates most attendees arriving by car? And that basically punishes people if too many of them are walking in from MARTA and hotels (and bikes and nearby neighborhoods)? Because, if true, that’s gotta be fixed. 

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