A letter for new NYU students: 'think good thoughts about yourself and others'

EVG reader Lori Kohn shared this letter that she spotted taped to a light post on Ninth Street and Third Avenue…

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The letter of support reads in part:

The struggles among new students at NYU are no doubt taking different forms. You might be struggling with how to meet friends or how to socialize with people who drink when you don’t, or how to get involved in something, anything, when time seems so precious, etc. Some of you are wondering if everyone’s smarter than you or if you’re smart enough to be at NYU. Some of you are stressed with performance anxieties, with being cool. Some of you are just missing a home-cooked meal.

The struggles are real and sometimes hard, but they are normal. They are not a sign of a problem, but just the normal challenges of transitions to a new phase in one’s life.

Dismiss any idea that your enrollment at NYU was a fluke. You belong here.

My suggestion: think good thoughts about yourself and others. Relax. And through it all, know that you are where you belong.

The letter is signed by “your neighbor,” Mr. Steck.

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