Beatles legend Ringo Starr says Britain has spoken and it’s time for politicians to ‘get on’ with Brexit

RINGO STARR says Britain should get on with Brexit – because it’s a “great move”.

The legendary Beatles drummer said it was crazy that people were suddenly questioning what should happen.

Chris Clarke

Ringo Starr is looking forward to Britain getting ‘back on its feet’[/caption]

And he told the BBC, Brexit was the right decision as it meant being “in control of your own country”.

He said: “The people voted and they have to get on with it.

“Suddenly, it’s like ‘Oh well, we don’t like that vote’.

“But what do you mean you don’t like that vote, you had the vote, this is what won, let’s get on with it.”

He added “I think it’s great move” before joking: “But don’t tell Bob Geldof!”

The legendary Beatle revealed he voted Brexit last year – because the European Union was a “shambles”.

PA:Press Association

The legendary Beatle urged Theresa May to hurry up with Brexit[/caption]

At the time he said he originally thought the EU was a great idea.

But he said: “We’re all stuck with people who want to make arrangements for their own country and don’t think for the other countries.

“Britain should be out and get back on its own feet.”


The former Beatle was speaking on BBC Newsnight about the future of Brexit[/caption]

The comments come a week after Michael Caine reiterated he backed Brexit as he’d “rather be master of my own fate”.

He said: “Up until I was 20, I thought Luxembourg was a radio station. I didn’t even know it was a country and now Juncker is running my country – and he doesn’t seem to like us.”

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