Top 15 Must-Visit Art Shows in New York This Week: Rodin to Reinhardt

September is a big month for major art exhibition openings across New York. To help you plan your calendar, Blouin Artinfo curates a selection of the very top art shows that are must-visits in New York this coming week featuring artists like Ad Reinhardt, Tony Cragg, Auguste Rodin and Lucas Samaras.‘Rodin at The Met’ at The Metropolitan Museum of ArtSeptember 16, 2017- January 15, 2018The show celebrates the centenary of the death of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). The selection of works on view includes approximately 50 marbles, bronzes, plasters, and terracottas by Rodin, and provides a comprehensive overview of the artist’s oeuvre. The artworks on display represent more than a century of acquisitions and gifts to the museum.www.metmuseum.orgArte Povera at Hauser & WirthSeptember 12- October 28The exhibition serves as a comprehensive overview of Italy’s highly innovative twentieth-century art movement, as seen through the eyes of one of its most significant collectors. The show will present  over 150 works throwing light on the ideas and motivations of a group of Italian artists, jointly known as ‘i poveristi’. Their radical responses to the sociopolitical upheaval of their time remain vividly relevant today. The exhibition coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Arte Povera movement and features works spanning the late 1950s to the 1990s.www.hauserwirth.comAd Reinhardt: Blue Paintings at David ZwirnerSeptember 12- October 21Organized by the Ad Reinhardt Foundation and featuring works drawn exclusively from museum and private collections, the exhibition will present the largest number of American abstract painter Ad Reinhardt’s blue paintings ever shown together.www.davidzwirner.comTony Cragg: Recent Sculptures at Marian Goodman GallerySeptember 12- October 14“Recent Sculptures” is an exhibition of new sculpture by British artist Tony Cragg. Showcasing the latest developments in Cragg’s sculptural oeuvre during the period of 2015-2017, the exhibition epitomizes his talent for creating new forms from influences drawn from industrial systems and the natural world.www.mariangoodman.comWalter Swennen: bewtie at Gladstone GallerySeptember 15- October 28“bewtie” features new paintings by Belgian artist Walter Swennen which expand the artist’s deeply personal approach to painting. Drawing on his background in psychoanalysis, poetry, and philosophy, his works are characterized by an absence of a single perspective or“Lucas Samaras: New York City, No-Name, Re-Do, Seductions” at Pace GallerySeptember 15- October 21Lucas Samaras’s seven-room installation features 185 photographs that continue his ongoing application of digital techniques to photography to explore recurrent themes and subjects such as everyday street scenes, self-portraits, birds, flea markets, and geometric“Tipping Point: Tom Otterness” at Marlborough GallerySeptember 14- October 14The exhibition celebrates Tom Otterness’s 19 newest sculptural works executed in bronze and paper. The works projected are of diverse range, from compact studio pieces to monumental gigantic structure. The sculptures created by the artist carries the signature essence and can be recognizable as his own. The characters he creates are always on an adventure, sometimes with a winning smile or sometimes solving tricky problems with quick-wit cleverness. The work titled “Tipping Point” showcases the balletic battle between the two metaphoric soldiers.www.marlboroughgallery.comHaendel & DeFoe: ‘Pink Cup and the Facts’ at Mitchell-Innes & Nash GallerySeptember 12- October 14Karl Haendel has created this exhibition that comprises of a selection, picked by him, of Jay DeFoe’s drawings and also drawings of his own. The Exhibition titled ‘Pink Cup and The Facts’ is the first two-person exhibition of drawings on paper at the gallery. The exhibition showcases the correlative qualities between the works of these two artists, which are based on the process of making drawings.www.miandn.comAdrian Piper at Lévy GorvySeptember 14 – October 21Conceptual artist and philosopher Adrian Piper’s (b.1948, New York) first solo exhibition at the gallery includes examples from the Mythic Being series (1973–1975), It’s Just Art (1980), and Here, an installation work conceived in 2008 and realized for the first time at the gallery. Together, these three bodies of work delve into interrelated themes which Piper has explored throughout her career.www.levygorvy.comArts of Korea at Brooklyn MuseumOpens September 15This exhibition displays a collection of Korean art which is one of the largest and most important Korean collections in the United States. The show features many never before shown treasures including luminescent celadon ceramics of the Goryeo dynasty, golden earrings of the Silla kingdom, vibrant costumes, paintings, and furnishings of the Joseon dynasty. The items on display show that the sophistication of Korean art stretches far beyond the celebrated green wares.www.brooklynmuseum.orgSonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound at the Museum of Arts and DesignSeptember 14, 2017- February 25, 2018A multi-component exhibition featuring interactive installations, immersive environments, and performing objects that explore how the ephemeral and abstract nature of sound is made material. The exhibition features contemporary artists, designers, and performers who respond to sound’s potential as a material that influences how people experience space, their environment, and time, drawing out the ability of the auditory to provide a fresh perspective on how surroundings, and the body, are perceived and“Helen Johnson: Ends” at New MuseumSeptember 13 2017- January 14, 2018The exhibition presents Helen Johnson’s (b. 1979, Melbourne) densely layered canvases ranging from political cartoons, 19th- and early-20th-century painting, architectural diagrams and maps, fragments of bodies, and handwritten text rendered with a variety of painterly gestures. This show is the artist’s first exhibition in an American institution. For her presentation in the museum’s lobby gallery, she will produce a new series that extends her broader thematic concerns, while maintaining her experimental approach to the material and the communicative possibilities of painting as a critical medium.“Eva Rothschild: A Material Enlightenment” at 303 GallerySeptember 15 – October 28This exhibition of new sculpture is by artist Eva Rothschild (b. 1972, Dublin) who treats sculpture as a way to mediate simultaneous forms of presence, implicating the viewer in a continuous search for possible outcomes, even from within a “completed” work.“Alexander Tovborg: The Symbol has Resurrected” at Blum & PoeSeptember 15 — October 28This exhibition of a new series of paintings and drawings by Copenhagen-based artist Alexander Tovborg presents a new chapter in the artist’s research of the origins and contemporary iterations of symbology, mysticism, mythology, and religious archetypes. The artist summons the age-old allegory in response to contemporary socio-politics, a call to his viewer for altruism over“Diana Al-Hadid: Falcon’s Fortress” at Marianne Boesky GallerySeptember 16 – October 21The exhibition of the works by artist Diana Al-Hadid(b. 1981, Aleppo) brings together sculpture, works on Mylar, and the artist’s largest presentation of wall panels seen in New York, all of which are created by layered drips of material that form both their physicality and imagery.www.marianneboeskygallery.comClick on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibitions. 

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