Vince Cable brands Jean-Claude Juncker an ‘extremist’ as he labels European Commission president ‘a very bad choice’ for the job

JEAN CLAUDE Juncker is an extremist who is in the wrong job, Sir Vince Cable has declared.

The Lib Dem leader slammed the EU Commission President for having the “wrong” approach to Brexit and not being flexible to Britain.

Jean-Claude Juncker was slammed yesterday for his state of the union address
Vince Cable
Vince Cable has said Mr Juncker is not good for the EU
PA:Press Association

He told the Evening Standard that the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier would be a better pick for the job instead.

The Remainer said: “He is absolutely in the wrong place and he does no favours for the British pro-Europeans.

“He happens to be a very bad choice for that particular job.

“He represents an extreme federalist position.”

The EU boss laid out a jaw-dropping plan for expansion of the bloc yesterday, with plans for greater tax controls, a European FBI, and an EU army by 2025.

The bureaucrat added that  he wanted more member states to adopt the Euro and the passport-free ‘Schengen’ zone expanded to include Romania and Bulgaria.

And he said he thinks Brits will soon come to REGRET the Brexit vote – even after the 17 million people who backed it.

Sir Vince thinks that there is the mood for a “multi-speed Europe” with different parts of the bloc adopting different rules.

EU president Jean-Claude Juncker claims Britons will 'soon regret' Brexit vote

Tony Blair again begged MPs to do whatever they can to stop our EU exit
Vince Cable
But Sir Vince says Tony Blair is causing more hurt than harm to the anti-Brexit cause
PA:Press Association

And despite agreeing with former-PM Tony Blair on Brexit, the leader distanced himself from him and even said he thought he was a liability to his side.

The ex-premier said at the weekend there SHOULD be curbs on immigration, but faced a backlash from Tories who reminded him that it was him who waved through the EU expansion to Britain with no limitations when he was in charge.

“He does alienate a lot of people in the Labour Party and makes it more difficult for the more sceptical pro-Europeans to shift, because they don’t want to be painted as Blair,” Sir Vince said.

But the Lib Dem leader STILL wants a second referendum on Brexit with the choice to Remain in the EU after all.

Sir Vince said that the EU would have “no problem” with halting Article 50 if voters asked them to.

Tony Blair met Pope Francis yesterday in Italy
Tony Blair calls for a re-run of the vote after we know what Brexit will look like


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