Where To Go To Hang Out With Dogs in NYC (Even If You Don’t Have One)

If you’re not a dog person, are you even a person?

If you’re looking to spend some quality time fawning over puppies, or wondering how someone keeps a Bernese Mountain Dog in their Manhattan apartment, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best places to go, to peacefully watch some dogs and pass the time:

1.Washington Square Park — Washington Sq. Park Dog Run
If you’re a lover of big dogs, the WSP Dog Run is the perfect place to witness oversized puppies expel their energy. In addition to being one of the best-kept dog parks in the city, its proximity to campus is what makes this park perfect for spending a break between classes. Furthermore, one of the many NYC Corgi Meet-ups is held at the park every year, and it’s amazing.

Washington Sq. Dog Run. Image by Angely Mercado via Curbed

2. Tompkins Square Park — Tompkins Sq. Dog Run
Located between Avenue A and B, close to East 10th street, is the Tompkins Sq. Dog Run. With small “cool pools” during the summer, this dog run is ideal for watching dogs splash around in water and make a massive mess. Despite being a bit of a walk from campus, Tompkins is conveniently located on the cusp of the East Village and Alphabet City. This means it’s close to most NYU dorms, as well as to some of the best cheap bars and restaurants around. (See: Lucy’s)

Thompkins Sq. Dog Park. Image by Kitty via:

3. Hudson River Park — Leroy St. Dog Park
The Leroy Street Dog Park is a perfect combination of waterfront views and happy dogs. With small climbing structures and strips of cushioned flooring, this “luxury dog park” is for ~classy~ dogs only. Just southwest of Washington Square Park, you can easily walk to Leroy St. in under 20 minutes. Watch pampered puppies chase expensive tennis balls, and play in exotic spring water. I hope.

Leroy St. Dog Park. Image by Irene Plagianos via:

4. Prospect Park Dog Beach
This beautiful outdoor watering hole is a perfect escape from the sounds of the city, for both you and dogs. Despite only being a short train ride away, Prospect Park feels like an entirely new world. The recently renovated Dog Beach is encircled by trees, filled with swimming dogs and greenery as far as the eye can see. You can even stop by the watering hole and get your tan on, or explore Prospect Park Smorgasburg in the summer.

Prospect Park Dog Beach. Image via Pintrest

5. Chelsea Waterside Dog Park
This exquisite park features climbing structures and small watering holes, and is perfect for adventurous dogs. Sit on the benches along the outside of the park, and watch dogs attempt to climb fake rocks, small hills, and logs. It’s very cute and sometimes the dogs do stupid things. Although the Chelsea Waterside Dog Park isn’t the easiest to get to, its luxurious dog amenities are sure to be worth the trek.

Chelsea Waterside Dog Park. Image via:

6. Madison Square Park — Jemmy’s Run
I don’t know who Jemmy is, but they chose a fantastic spot for a dog park. Located right by the Flatiron, Madison Square Park is also home to New York City’s original Shake Shack. Grab a milkshake and then chose from the wide variety of benches surrounding Jemmy’s Run. Only a few blocks from Union Square, Jemmy’s Run is a great stop after a long day of classes.

Jemmy’s Run. Image via:

7. Battery Park — North End, Sirius, and West Thames
You read that right, Battery Park has three different dog runs. With “cool pools”, assorted toys, and lots of open running space, Battery Park is a one-stop shop for all things puppy-related. Plant yourself outside any one park, or walk around all three. Explore the very end of the island of Manhattan, while you hang out with dogs. Talk about a win-win situation.

Sirius Dog Park. Image via BPC Parks

8. Boris and Norton — NYC’s First Dog Cafe
Before you get too excited, Boris and Norton isn’t scheduled to open until December of this year. That being said, it’s still an indoor dog cafe that will offer coffee, snacks, and wine. Named after the owner’s own dogs, Boris and Norton is a haven for both dog moms and students desperate for love and affection. It will be opening up on East 12th and Ave A, easily accessible by train or on foot.

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