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Just 25 hot photos of Nick Jonas for his 25th birthday


There’s something particularly boggling about Nick Jonas’ biggest hit: Why would he be “Jealous” of anyone? It’s like, no, Nick Jonas — you’re too sexy beautiful. Stop it. But perhaps that endearing humble attitude is partly why we love him so much. To celebrate his 25th birthday on Saturday, we found 25 visual reasons to love the former JoBro-turned-sex-symbol, each involving picture-perfect muscles and a killer smirk or smile. Celebrate Nick Jonas the way he should be celebrated — and then revisit his EW cover story. (You’re welcome.)

1. When he hosed down EW

2. When he put his arms to work in Careful What You Wish For 

3. When he showed us what’s going on back there

4. When his eyes, smile, and arms were all competing for your attention at the same time

5. When he stopped people in their tracks at the newsstand

6. When Gun Show would have been a perfectly acceptable alternative title for Kingdom 

7. When the world didn’t even mind a questionable filter

8. When he had no problem taking this magazine title literally

9. When Blue Steel was actually sexy

10. When rain was a blessing


11. When he had EW seeing hearts

12. When you were checking on flights to Los Cabos 

13. When the hoodie just kept falling off his shoulder

14. When all you saw were those eyes

15. When you gained a new appreciation for the white t-shirt

16. When rosé became an even better idea

17. When a soccer field looked like heaven

18. When he couldn’t find his pants and all was right in the world

19. When he achieved world peace

20. When you thought, “Maybe I should watch Kingdom

21. When the tux was merely a frame

22. When you felt inspired to try climbing rope

23. When all you saw was scruff

24. When athleisure was so much more

25. When you can’t wait for birthday No. 26

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