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So… What Exactly Is Everyone Congratulating You For, Scott Disick And Sofia Richie???


Well this is… weird??

On Snapchat last night, pics and videos from a Miami restaurant (shown in part above) seemed to show that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie were the center of attention in a “congratulations” celebration and nobody has any idea why the pair are being congratulated…???

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The two were all over each other at the restaurant, and the inscribed message (with poor Sofia’s name misspelled) clearly makes it some type of pre-planned event, regardless of what the congratulations is actually about.

Now, that raises big questions: is this a pregnancy congratulations?! An engagement?? Those are the two things that would come to mind in this situation, right???

According to sources speaking to TMZ, Scott and Sofia (who are 15 years apart in age) are NOT engaged, so throw that out the window. Pregnancy?? Still no word, but WOW, would that be something — especially considering the KarJenner pregnancy news that has been taking over the media cycle lately.

Another little tidbit of sourced info says it’s all simpler than that: this is a congratulations celebration for the pair now being officially boyfriend-and-girlfriend.


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Regardless, poor Sofia needs her name spelled correctly on the next plate.

Poor girl!!!

[Image via Snapchat.]

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