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Deployed Resources Small Expeditionary Camps – Robert Napior – Medium


Since 2001, Robert Napior has served as managing member of Deployed Resources, a New York-based company that provides innovative temporary shelters and related equipment to clients throughout the United States. Robert Napior and Deployed Resources serve the construction and engineering industries as well as the military. The company’s product line includes a number of turnkey support facilities, including the Small Expeditionary Camp (SEC).

Featuring housing units and amenities such as containerized kitchens, restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities, the SECs address the day-to-day needs of frequently-mobile populations. The camps are used by military and commercial customers, as well as government agencies and other organizations involved in disaster relief.

All units making up the SECs are either collapsible or AirBeam supported. The construction makes the structures very mobile and easily adaptable to the needs of the client. Transporting the SECs can be accomplished by air or over ground using one or two moving trucks.

Although a prepackaged SEC is designed for 60 people, the camps can be adjusted to accommodate larger or smaller populations. Those in need of shelter for a very large number of people can set up multiple prepackaged camps.

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