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Registered Sex Offender Sought In Slew Of Subway Flashings « CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A registered sex offender who has allegedly harassed women on the subway for more than 10 years appears to be at it again. Police have been asking for help tracking him down .

“Wow, it’s the same guy. He’s back and he’s doing the same thing,” one rider said, speaking exclusively with CBS2’s Ali Bauman.

Police are looking for Kenneth Hoyt, a registered sex offender wanted in connection with a series of subway flashings. (Credit: CBS2)

When the NYPD released surveillance images last week, of a suspect they say exposed himself to at least three different women on the R train since August, the Gramercy Park mother — who was too afraid to show her face — immediately dialed police.

“They said everyone — all his old victims — are blowing up the tip line because this has happened to so many people,” she said, “But we just don’t know what rock he’s hiding under now.”

She said the face has haunted her for 10 years, and told CBS2’s Bauman about the day the stranger sat down next to her on the subway.

“He was shifting in his seat, and I look down, and he was literally inches from me. So I was completely terrified. It looked like he was reaching out. I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

She reported it at the next stop, and police eventually arrested Kenneth Hoyt, a registered sex offender since 1987 — when he was convicted for having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Months after the woman’s traumatizing train ride, charges against Hoyt were dropped on a technicality.

“Then the DA’s office dropped the ball and he went free,” she said.

Reports from 2007, say prosecutors were too late filing the paperwork to go to trial and the case was dismissed. CBS2 asked the Manhattan District Attorney’s office about the case, but was told it could not be discussed.

“I’m riding the train line now with young kids, and I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder,” the woman said.

Even though Hoyt is on probation, and his most recent picture on the sex offender registry is from May of 2017, police are still trying to find him.

“I’m hoping by doing this and the story gets out, and more people will keep an eye out for this person,” she said.

So she and other victims can finally wake up from this nightmare.

Hoyt was arrested six times in 2006 for lewdness related crimes.


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