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[Updated] Mayahuel replacement now open on 6th Street


The bar-restaurant taking over the Mayahuel space at 304 E. Sixth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue is now open.

There doesn’t appear to be a name anywhere on the space. The sidewalk sign reads “Handcrafted cocktails, mezcal bar & Moorish cuisine.”

Ravi DeRossi closed Mayahuel after service on Aug. 8, noting that renewing the lease “wasn’t an option.” As Eater reported, there was a rent dispute between DeRossi and the building’s landlord, Keith Siilats.

Siilats, who lives in the building, got the OK from CB3 in July to open a place that sounded similar to Mayahuel.

Anyway, according to Florence Fabricant at The New York Times yesterday, Siilats is “temporarily giving it the same name (he says he may have a new one in a few days).” So it’s Mayahuel for the moment.

As for the rest of the new Mayahuel: “The food is now in the hands of a chef from Morocco, who is preparing Spanish-accented North African specialties. The mezcals are still served,” per the Times.

The preview in the Times doesn’t mention the chef’s name. Perhaps it is Radouane Eljaouhari, who ran Zerza a few storefronts away at 320 E. Sixth St. Zerza’s Facebook page says that it is now located at 304 E. Sixth St.


Eater reports on the legal drama here:

DeRossi claims that Siilats signed an agreement saying he would not use the name and has already sent the information to his attorney.

But Siilats says he does have the right to call it Mayahuel. The landlord alleges that DeRossi owes him thousands of dollars in rent money from June, July, and August, and because DeRossi still hasn’t paid, he can keep using the name. Rent per month was about $10,000, Siilats says.

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