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Eff Yoo Keeps Fans Wanting More With “Spicaso” EP – Matteo Urella – Medium


New six-track project produced by The Kurse highlights talent of both artists

“Your peeps are peons / I’m beyond / every piece of Earth I put my feet on”

Eff Yoo — the brilliant MC and visual artist from Queens, New York — continues to prove himself as one of the most underrated lyricists and thinkers in hip-hop with his brand-new EP entitled Spicaso.

Entirely produced by the versatile and ascending Ontario, Canada-based producer The Kurse, Eff Yoo picks up exactly where he left off with The Eff Word — his superb full-length solo project from 2016.

Spicaso — released for free on September 30th, 2017 — finds Eff in a supremely focused zone creatively, spitting a concoction of dense metaphors, non sequiturs and punchlines over a symphony of cinematic scores from The Kurse. Simply put: Eff Yoo has an intimidating vocabulary, but more impressive is the combination of said vocabulary with his wit and imagery; there may not be another MC today crafting such multicolored visuals.

While only six songs, Spicaso is thorough enough to both satiate fans clamoring for more high-level wordplay and sonics while simultaneously setting the stage for lengthier collaborative and solo magic from the two artists. As a bonus, the project is fronted by lead single “Saturday Night Special” and the accompanying video — easily one of the very best of the year.

Read the review below, download Spicaso and support artists dedicating time to perfecting their craft.

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