Tory big beast Lord Heseltine says Ruth Davidson should take over from Theresa May to save the party from annihilation

LORD HESELTINE threw his weight behind Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson to take control of the party today as he warned of a “serious risk” of Labour winning the next election.

Speaking out as the party started its annual conference in Manchester today, the former deputy PM said that the current state of the party was “unsustainable”.

Lord Heseltine said Ruth Davidson was gearing up as a potential future leader
Sky News

Theresa May insisted that her party are “united” this morning, even after the Foreign Secretary repeatedly spoke out against her to push his own Brexit agenda.

She laughed off suggestions that Boris was “unsackable” and was forced to swerve questions on his Brexit calls.

The Foreign Secretary told The Sun on Saturday that he wouldn’t accept a transition period for longer than two years – and we shouldn’t pay a penny for access for the Single Market.

But the PM used interviews today to make a bold offering to young people – including promises to freeze tuition fees and pump more money into the Help to Buy scheme.

Today Lord Heseltine said Boris was obviously plotting to take over from Mrs May.

He told Sky News: “We all know what he up to… Making sure his present position is the favorite to succeed Theresa May.”

“It’s a campaign. Boris is master of it.

“Whether he will win or not… that’s another matter.”

He said again that the case to sack him was strong, but leaving him in post until he makes a huge mistake “might be the only option”.

Theresa May was unable to get the support of senior ministers this morning as she opened conference
BBC One/Andrew Marr

Ruth Davidson has been tipped as a future party leader

And he backed the Scots Tory boss to take the helm so the party can save themselves from losing power.


“At the moment I haven’t seen someone who is prepared to recognise that the song has to be changed, not just the singer,” he said.

“But Ruth Davidson… in the first break I have seen form the counter-Brexit side of the argument today… has begun to qualify for the sort of position.”

She is due to address the party conference later – and will demand that more government jobs get moved up North because the UK is “too London-centric”.

Ms Davidson will attack the “crazy” imbalance later today.

Lord Heseltine said that the party had to change or risk losing the next election totally.

He said: “We cannot have a government where various members of the cabinet are voicing opinions not consistent, one with the other.

“I am appalled… there is a serious risk of losing the next election.”
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