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More than 40,000 sign petition to change Cuomo Bridge back to Tappan Zee


TARRYTOWN, NY — More than 43,000 people have petitioned for the new Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge to return to its old name – the Tappan Zee – less than three months after the bridge was renamed.

The 3-mile bridge, which links Westchester and Rockland counties, was named after Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s late father, three-term governor. It was built alongside the old bridge as a replacement.

“We want our bridge’s name back,” said Dr. Monroe Mann in the change.org petition.

Cuomo previously called the $4 billion bridge “the perfect tribute” to his father.

“The law [to change the bridge’s name] was passed by an overwhelming majority of both Democrats and Republicans and it is a fitting tribute to a life-long public servant who achieved great things for the people of New York,” said a Cuomo spokesperson.

The petitioners say Mario Cuomo may deserve something named after him, but that “it should not be at the expense of history, and the original settlers of our land: the Tappan Indians and the Dutch.  And certainly not at taxpayer expense.”

It isn’t just about preserving history, Mann said. One name just sounds better.

“Plus, it sounds cool to say, ‘I’m taking the Tappan Zee,’” he wrote in the petition. “It does not sound cool to say, ‘I’m taking the Cuomo.’ Come on people!”

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