Construction watch: 619 E. 6th St.

There’s finally some noticeable progress at 619 E. Sixth St., where a 6-story residential building is rising…

To recap, here’s what’s TK, via DXA Studio Architecture, the architects of record:

The facade is clad in a Danish handmade brick and includes a full width mural along a sidewall that links the building in character with its East Village neighbors where street art abounds. The five residential units, from a small studio up to a dramatic three bedroom with office and double height duplex on the top floors, incorporate a simple and timeless palette of materials throughout.


I first heard about this project in January 2016. It has seemingly taken a long time to knock down the previous one-level structure and get to this point.

Here are photos of the site from early September…

At that time, an EVG reader who lived nearby wrote in to say:

Any inside info into the hole in the ground at 619 E. 6th St., whose progress seems to be quite stalled? Needless to say we could all do without the permanent obstruction there, including the daily dumps taken inside the walkaround created by the plastic dividers. What a (literal) shitshow.

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