Race-slur MP Emma Dent Coad’s vile gag shows Tory strung from tree

A DISGRACED LABOUR MP was last night accused of mocking up the Conservative logo to show the lynching of a Tory.

Furious Tory MPs rounded on Emma Dent Coad after the doodle on her blog appeared yesterday – 24 hours after it emerged she had called a Tory rival “ghetto boy”.

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Emma Dent Coad was accused of mocking up the Conservative’s logo to show a lynching[/caption]

In her blog from 2010, Ms Dent Coad altered the ‘tree’ logo launched by David Cameron to show a man hanging from a branch.

Tory backbencher Kemi Badenoch – born in Nigeria – said: “Words fail me.

“Just been to her site to see it from myself. It actually looks like a black conservative hanging from a tree.”

The row came a day after Emma Dent Coad was slammed for branding Tory London rival Shaun Bailey a “ghetto boy”.

The doodle appeared on Dent Coad’s blog

Last night Jeremy Corbyn refused calls to sack Ms Dent Coad – elected Labour MP for Kensington in June.

And he sparked fresh uproar by saying he would instead remind “people” not to use offensive language.

Ending 28 hours of Labour silence on the row, Mr Corbyn said: “I will not be withdrawing the whip from Emma.

“I will obviously ensure people discuss the use of language with people. I will make sure that everyone treats others with respect.”

PA:Press Association

Jeremy Corbyn has ignored calls to sack Dent Coad[/caption]

Tories said Mr Corbyn’s refusal to act was “scandalous”.

Former Minister Andrew Percy stormed: “It’s an outrage that blatant racism in the Labour Party, indistinguishable in tone from that of the far right, is now dealt with by way of a ‘chat’.

“Suspend the whip now or show you don’t care about racism within your party.”

Earlier yesterday Ms Badenoch and fellow Tory MP James Cleverly both wrote to the Labour leader demanding he launch an investigation.

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Andrew Percy said ignoring the ‘racism’ shows the Labour leader doesn’t care about his party[/caption]

Ms Dent Coad was branded “racist” on Monday after her attack on Shaun Bailey emerged.

In her blog in 2010 she referred to him as a “token ghetto boy” standing behind David Cameron.

Ms Dent Coad went onto BBC Radio London to apologise if her comments about Mr Bailey had been taken “the wrong way”.

She said he was the first to refer to a ghetto in disparaging remarks about North Kensington.

The MP said: “If he was offended by me repeating what other people have said then I do apologise.
“Clearly, I shouldn’t have repeated it. People have taken it the wrong way.”

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