Sadiq Khan slaps down BBC reporter who asks him about ‘coming home’ to Pakistan and says ‘Home is South London, mate’

SADIQ KHAN slapped down a BBC reporter who asked if visiting Pakistan was like “coming home” – saying: “Home is South London, mate.”

The London Mayor walked over the border between India and Pakistan during a visit to the two countries, where his ancestors are from.

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Sadiq Khan is on a tour of India and Pakistan this week[/caption]

When he arrived in the Pakistani state of Punjab, the chief minister reportedly told him: “We consider you one of our own. We see it as a homecoming.”

But asked about the comments by the BBC’s Karl Mercer, Mr Khan rejected the suggestion that he felt at home on the Subcontinent.

The reporter asked: “Does it feel like coming home?”

The Mayor replied: “Home is South London, mate,” then added: “But it’s good to be in Pakistan. It’s good to come to India, home of my parents and grandparents.”

PA:Press Association

The Mayor of London visited the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar[/caption]

Angry web users slammed the BBC – accusing Mr Mercer of spreading the idea that Asian-origin Brits are not fully British.

Writer Sunny Hundal wrote on Twitter: “We may have South Asian heritage but our home is Britain. Get that through your heads.”

Mr Khan was born and raised and Tooting after his parents moved from Pakistan to London.

PA:Press Association

The Mayor of London sharing a meal with community leaders[/caption]

The Mayor’s grandparents lived in India, before moving to Pakistan after the two countries were divided in 1947.

He has been visiting India and Pakistan to strengthen links between London and the Subcontinent, and became one of the few Western politicians to walk directly between the two warring nations.

Today he shot down the suggestion he could become Prime Minister – insisting he enjoys his current job too much to seek a promotion.

Mr Khan said: “’Why give up a job I love to do a job I don’t want? I’m absolutely ruling myself out. For ever.”

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