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2018 Goals.


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I’m not really a big resolution maker but I still think it’s important to set goals every year! Tomorrow I am going to be sharing my “year in review” post (see last year’s post here!) which will have more goals for the blog… but today I wanted to talk a little more about my personal goals for this year.

I went into the holiday break feeling pretty exhausted. I look at the time between Christmas and New Years as a time to unwind and unplug – posting less to the blog, Instagram, etc. There were several days where I slept ten, twelve hours… a few days I even slept until noon! My biggest takeaway from 2017 is that I need to take better care of myself and dedicate more energy to both my personal life and my physical/mental health; so that realization is really what’s dictating these goals!

Outfit Details: J.Crew Chateau Parka // J.Crew Flannel Shirt // Citizens of Humanity Jeans // Gucci Jordaan Loafers // Chanel Purse // Celine Sunglasses

One // Get to Yoga 3x a Week. We talked about this one more in this post, but whenever I feel my best (both on the inside and the outside), it’s because I’m getting to yoga regularly. I don’t know quite what it is but my body responds extremely well to a good Vinyasa or Power Yoga class. Like, not the sort of yoga that is easy and a good stretch… but fast, hard yoga. I get a good sweat, I get a good stretch, and oftentimes holding the poses is SO hard that I can’t actually think about anything but breathing so I shut my brain off (something I struggle with!)

Two // Accept Responsibility. I am reading Mark Manson’s book and you guys, it’s life changing. I am only about 60% of the way through but I cannot recommend it enough. There is so much good information and advice there. One of the things he talks about is how we are responsible for our feelings and how we deal with situations. So say someone hurts you or offends you – yes, that is their fault for doing that… but how you deal that is your responsibility. This is such a simple statement but it’s so true. He goes through so many examples in the book (i.e. a breakup – yes, his cheating ex was to blame, but how he handled it and moved on was his responsibility). I am not doing his words proper justice but highly recommend the book.

Three // Focus on Dating. Since we are accepting responsibility for our situations, here’s the thing. I want a serious relationship but I don’t actually want to do the work to get there. Simply put, I work a lot and have a very robust social life. When I invest my time and energy in those two things, I always have a positive result. Dating is a huge mixed bag. It’s frustrating as you literally have no control, and in the past I went on so many bad first dates that I’d end up needing to take a break from dating because it just felt too exhausting. I read Matthew Hussey’s book earlier this summer and have found a lot of his advice to be life changing. (I know I said that about Mark’s book, and I’m not even a big self-help book reader but if you do one thing today, add both of these books to your cart.) After reading it, I definitely understand both myself and the male brain a lot better. I’ve also realized that I have a problem with dating people who are really really fun but probably aren’t the best long term matches. I need to invest more time/energy in my dating life, and I also need to really think about whether each person I go out with is actually good for me. It’s cliche, but I realized this year that what I really want is to date somebody who challenges me and makes me a better person.

Four // Drink Less. Oy. I really overdid it over the holidays and New Year’s Eve. It may sound weird but I am truly sooo happy to be taking a month off from drinking. Wine (not a crazy amount of it) has always been central to my routine – unwinding after a bad day, having a glass or three with girlfriends, splitting a bottle on a date. It isn’t a bad thing but in all honesty, I am 36 now, and if I have more than one glass of wine I feel it the next day. I want to do less of the things that make me feel bad and more of the things that make me feel good. I’d also like to get up earlier and drinking doesn’t help with that.

Five // Meditate Daily. I am not going to say tooooo much of this one as it’s a part of next week’s wellness challenge BUT I have both the Headspace and Calm apps on my phone and really like them both. I go back and forth between which one is my favorite. I like how Calm has all these other things (music, bedtime stories, etc) but I like Andy’s voice on Headspace better.

Six // See More Movies. I absolutely love movies but always end up watching TV because it feels like a lower commitment (which is silly bc I always end up watching at least 3 or 4 episodes, ha!) More movies, less TV. Or maybe more of both since I will be staying in and drinking less…


Seven // Take an Oil Painting Class. I have been meaning to do this and keep forgetting. Writing it down and planning to research classes this week!

What are your goals for the year?

photography by Trent Bailey.

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