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The Bodega Cats of Brooklyn


Photography Ira Yousey 

Bodegas in Brooklyn are everywhere you look. They have anything one could possible need in a hurry, from chips and sandwiches for a quick snack fix, to household cleaning and personal hygiene products— and if you stumble upon the right one, you can run into the elusive Bodega Cat. Kept by bodega owners to scare away rodents and pests, the Bodega Cat has become a legendary creature in Brooklyn. Multiple blogs and Instagram accounts have taken to documenting these creatures resting on cases of beer, sleeping among rows of flowers, or perched by the cash register, assuming the role of a feline store manager.

We took a ride around Brooklyn looking for the best, most hard-at-work cats, and the results did not disappoint. These cats were on a mission, ready to combat any threat to your local bodega fare. So this one’s for you, Bodega Cats: thank you for protecting our snacks, and being pretty darn cute while doing so.

Sueño, Francesa Mini Mart, 1074 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint

Ruby, L Stop Gourmet, 223 Montrose Avenue, Willamsburg

Mars, Martinez Grocery, 370 Court Street, Carroll Gardens

Lucy, Washington Deli and Grocery, 912 Fulton Street, Clinton Hill

Mesh-Mesh, Greene Food Deli, 397 Classon Avenue, Crown Heights

No Name, Community Deli, 471 Marcus Garvey Boulevard, Bed-Stuy

Thanksgiving, SJ Green Market, 767 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights

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