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More than 100 buskers are performing at five different NYC subway stations this week


If you’re stopping by Grand Central (or Bryant Park, 23rd St, Union Square and 86th St) this week, take out those earbuds. New live video streaming platform Live.me—if you’re unfamiliar, the concept is similar to Twitch—is bringing together 120 local street performers for a series of MTA busker performances. The take-away concert week, which spans from Jan 10-14, will feature buskers playing from 10am to 4pm, with their performances live streamed on the platformed every day. (You can head to the Live.me website during those dates to find the streams, or you can download the iPhone app). 

If my experience with buskers provides any insight, we can expect about 120 renditions of “Let it Be”—what’s not to love? The week is a kickoff event leading up to an in-app contest the following week, Jan 16–22, in which the 120 buskers will compete for a prize of $10,000 and a spot performing in the grand finale—a pop-up pre-Grammy concert with a surprise A-list celebrity. Who knows—maybe Adam Levine didn’t get enough of the busker life last year.

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