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Weekly Wellness Check-in #2!


Yay for week TWO! How did everyone do!? I am feeling pretty good about my progress this week. And it feels really good to have you guys as my accountability partners… on days where it’s a little harder to get to the gym I think about this blog post and then I get my butt in gear!!! I find I’m really in a groove with the yoga and running… I do a lot of treadmill workouts (on my own time) and in between I get to yoga whenever possible. My goal for 2018 is to get to yoga 3x a week and I did that this week.. I feel SO much better when I manage this goal!

Before we dive in!!! Don’t forget to comment below with how you did for the week. I will pick five commenters and send them each a little treat.  Also, I respond to all comments but feel free to cheer each other on in the comments section if you read a comment that inspires or motivates you! We’ve made it so that you can finally subscribe to follow-ups on your comments… just check that box when you comment, and you’ll be sent an email if/when someone replies to your comment!


Friday – Aaptiv workout at Equinox. I did the “Party on the Tread” workout which was awesome and hard. It’s a nice little mix of walking hills and jogging. I really like that it mixes up the intervals so quickly so you don’t get bored. Afterwards, I did a 5 minute stretch and then hit the steam room.

Saturday – Took the day off more or less but did 20 minutes of Yin Yoga (I watched this video). Oh my god you guys – my hips, glutes, and hip flexors were painfully sore after a week of getting back in the game. I highly recommend this video!

Sunday – Alignment Flow Yoga at Equinox. This class was a little different than usual. There wasn’t much hip work (which I need) but we did a lot of side plank work and a lot of triangles + shoulder openers. It was really hard and it felt good to do something that pushed me out of my comfort zone (not that yoga feels comfortable yet, I still really struggle!)

Monday – Power Yoga at Equinox. I can feel myself getting better but this class was HARD. We really worked and I got a great sweat in.

Tuesday – Another Aaptiv workout on the treadmill! I did a 39 minute one called “Down Beat Those Hills.” It was hard. What I realized is that (while I’m still not in the greatest running shape but we’re making progress!) I definitely prefer running/jogging to walking uphill. We cranked the incline all the way up to 10.0 and I thought I was going to die. Afterward, I did a 7 minute stretch.

Wednesday – I logged two workouts! I took a lunchtime Alignment Flow yoga class at Equinox, and then I had a brand event with New Balance that night – at Uplift Studios.

Thursday – I was craving a run so I did an Aaptiv treadmill workout: Just Push It, a mostly running interval workout. It was only 25 minutes but it was HARD. It was my first time taking an intermediate class on the app so it was challenging for me. Afterward, I did their “Lower Body Lengthen” stretch series which felt absolutely amazing and very necessary… my hips and lower back get so tight!

Meditation: I did it every day, sometimes twice a day. One thing that changed this week was doing a bedtime meditation. It’s so amazing. I have a really hard time shutting off at night and the bedtime meditation is so soothing… it lulls me into a nice deep sleep.

Dry January Update: I talked about this on Instagram stories earlier this week but honestly? I don’t really miss booze. It’s the strangest thing. I was all dramatic about it like it would be this big sacrifice, that I couldn’t live without my wine… but I genuinely don’t miss it. I feel SO much better. I thought I relied on it to be charming and interesting (especially with new people, like on dates or networking events) but I think I’m actually okay on my own here! Of course when it’s cold out I think about how nice a glass of red would be, but tea seems to do the job just fine.

Protein-Packed Breakfast: On track! This week I made a little breakfast quesadilla of sorts. I scramble up two eggs, cook them like an omelette, flip, add an almond flour tortilla, cook for a bit til the tortilla is brown, and then sprinkle with cheese and salsa. It’s yummy and super filling. I’m going to work on a post about my favorite breakfasts… would you be into that?

Trying Something New: My something new this week was trying Uplift. I was so excited to try it as I have heard SO many good things about it from friends. The studio is all about female empowerment which I  love, and I will say that it was a great workout, mixing up high intensity cardio + weight segments. You never stop moving. The downside was that the studio is just not very nice and the class was super crowded – we were practically stepping on each other! I just don’t know how these studios get away with charging $30+ for ONE class. This is a bigger issue that applies to probably 50% of the boutique fitness studios I have tried. (For the record – some boutique classes I really love from back when I used to do that instead of the gym). That’s why I prefer my Equinox membership (for the record, I have no blog ties to Equinox, I wish I did!) It’s clean, it’s nice, they have great classes and eucalyptus towels and they limit the classes attendance so they’re never too packed!

This week’s Highs:

Yoga!!! I have said this before but my body responds so well to yoga. As a former long distance runner (I ran cross country and track all through high school and part of college and I have run 3 marathons – 10 years ago!!) I love running but yoga helps me so much, especially with my tight hips and shoulders. I feel SO GOOD having gone three times this week, and the at home yin yoga video I did really helped too.

This week’s Lows:

Since it was snowy, I wore my snow boots to the gym on Friday. Not used to having two pairs of footwear, I totally left my sneakers at the gym. Whoops. On Monday I proceeded to tear apart my apartment, convinced I’d accidentally thrown them out. And then I retraced my steps and realized what I’d done. Luckily they were waiting for me at the lost and found.

Chocolate. Sometimes I feel like I am replacing wine with chocolate. I am addicted to the dark chocolate pretzel BarkThins. They are soooo yummy. I try to ration out a bag for the week… just having a little piece if I get a craving.

This week’s healthy links!

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