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Winter Wellness Challenge #4!

Annnd we are back – with our FOURTH wellness challenge! You guys are kicking butt. I loved reading your comments from this week’s check-in – they make my day and everyone is doing SO WELL! It’s hard to believe we’re already at week four… a full month of wellness. How is everyone feeling?

Keeping things brief… 


  1. Get to the gym five times between now and Friday’s check-in. If you worked out Friday or Saturday, that counts. This will now be our ongoing goal; 5 workouts a week. We can do it!!!
  2. Try something new (this is going to be an ongoing thing!) It can be a new class, a new wellness treatment, a new face mask… even a new recipe! Don’t stress, this one is meant to be fun.
  3. Try a new (filling, protein-packed) healthy breakfast, every day. I did a smoothie this week.
  4. Continue to meditate every day.
  5. Start a 2018 happiness or gratitude jar. I got this idea from my mom when I was home… on her vanity she had something called a “happiness jar.” It was just a simple mason jar that she labeled “2017 happiness jar,” and every day for the whole year she took a little scrap of paper and wrote something that made her happy. It’s such a simple idea but I loved it so much that I had to steal it for the challenge.

 * And if you need a refresher on how this all works, just refer to the first challenge! I give you a challenge every Sunday and every Friday we all report back for with how we did. This challenge isn’t about being a certain size or number on the scale. It’s about feeling our best, having more energy, and making little changes… TOGETHER! You can start at any time… each challenge builds upon the last but they aren’t so intense that you will miss out if you start late. All of the posts from the challenge are housed on this page.

photography by Trent Bailey.

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