NFL playoffs 2018: Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl LII preview

The greatest spectacle in all of sports is on the horizon. We just have to wait two excruciating weeks and endure the Pro Bowl.

If Super Bowl LII—featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots in a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX—is even half as exciting as the flea flicker-heavy Championship Weekend, we’re in for a thrill ride. And it should be, if these stats are any indication:


The big game has a lot of storylines that will be shoved down your throat over the next 13 days. So feel free to read on and give any other Super Bowl hype the Tom Brady treatment.

So grease up your light poles, try to get a ticket for the game if you can afford it (don’t flip out if you can’t), and join us as we recap the penultimate weekend of (meaningful) football action.

Bring on the action!

Kahleel Bragg contributed photo research to this story.

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