Gourmet Fresh, Union Market, Key Food or Park Natural…Where Do You Do Your Food Shopping In Carroll Gardens?

Key Food at 486 Henry Street in Carroll Gardens
Union Market at 288 Court Street
Gourmet Fresh at 437 Court Street
Park Natural at 350 Court Street

Once upon a time, Carroll Gardens had three big supermarkets, a Key Food at 390 Court Street, a Met Food at 197 Smith Street, and another Met Food at 486 Henry Street, which became a Key Food in 2015. Only the one on Henry Street is still operating.

In the meantime, smaller gourmet food stores have opened up to take their place, such as Union Market  at 288 Court Street and Gourmet Fresh at 437 Court Street.
A bit farther away, there is a Fairway in Red Hook, a Trader Joe’s on Court Street and a Whole Foods in Gowanus, but they involve a longer walk or a drive.

Many in Carroll Gardens still miss having another supermarket closer by and especially miss the former Met Food on Smith Street.  There is no doubt that food prices in the neighborhood have increased.  Not everyone can afford gourmet and organic foods, sometimes one only needs some staples from a regular supermarket close to home.

Which brings us to this question: Where do you do your food shopping?  Who do you think has the best products, friendliest service, and best prices? Which is the cleanest? Do you go out of your way to shop at a particular store, or is convenience foremost on your mind?
Do you  prefer to order food online or is a brick and mortar store important to you?  Is the extra walk or drive worth it to you to go to Whole Foods, Fairway or Trader Joe’s in Cobble Hill?
Most importantly, what do you think  of food prices in general in Carroll Gardens compared to other Brooklyn neighborhoods?

We would love to hear what you have to say in regards to this issue.
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