The superhero workout to build your own body of steel

The Incredible Hulk

It’s time to get in “super” shape.

With superhero films and comic-book adaptations all the rage in Hollywood, there are more chiseled and jacked actors taking to the screen than you can count on two hands. Want to get yourself in just as good of shape as some of those heroic actors? We have the workout for you.

Follow this plan and you can bulk up like former Men’s Fitness cover star Henry Cavill, who put himself through some rigorous training to play Superman. [RELATED1]

With this superhero workout you’ll build:

Chest and shoulders like The Hulk: Bruce Banner didn’t have to hit the gym before throwing tanks across town and crushing cars between his palm—he simply got angry. But since experimental genomic modification is out of reach for the average dude, we asked Men’s Fitness training adviser Jason Ferruggia for a routine to build a gigantic chest and shoulders.

Forearms like Wolverine: Wolverine may have the most impressive forearms of any comic-book hero. Follow this program from C.J. Murphy, a Boston-based strength coach, to one-up him.

Speed like The Flash: To build blink-and-you’ll-miss-me speed, increase your power, and improve your running form. Patrick Beith, a speed and performance expert in North Attleboro, MA, shows you how—red bodysuit not required. [RELATED2]

Agility like Spider-Man: Spidey relies on quick reflexes to stay one step ahead of his arch-nemeses. You can improve your ability to react and change direction with explosive speed—whether on the athletic field or in the street—using the exercises and drills below, provided by Joe DeFranco, a strength coach in Wyckoff, NJ.

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