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The Webster Hall marquee looks to be in danger of falling


[Photo by Michael Giacoppi]

The NYPD and FDNY are currently on the scene here on 11th Street between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue… as you can see in the photo, part of the Webster Hall marquee has pulled away from the landmarked building. The street is blocked off for now.

Will check back later here to see what has transpired. (The NYPD requested a DOB inspection at the site.)

Webster Hall closed last Aug. 10. Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, along with AEG-backed The Bowery Presents, bought the building from the Ballinger family for $35 million in the spring.

The new owners will renovate the space. They filed the permits in December for the job, which includes interior demolition and structural work to help upgrade the facility and make it ADA compliant.


William Klayer shared this photo from around 10:30 a.m. …

And some pics with the FDNY on the scene…

A little later, crews had temporarily propped up the right side of the marquee… the street remains blocked off…

An officer on the scene said that no one actually saw the marquee come undone… one passerby tried to blame the constant construction across the street at the incoming Moxy hotel

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