World's tallest rhino sculpture arrives on Astor Place this week

Keep an eye out for a 17-foot sculpture of rhinos this week on Astor Place. (Should be east enough to spot…)

As previously reported, “The Last Three,” billed as the world’s largest rhino sculpture courtesy of artists Gillie and Marc Art, will take up a temporary residency on Astor Place near the cube.

And its purpose:

The 17-foot sculpture will be unveiled … to inspire, educate, and mobilize the global community to raise their voices and affect real change against rhino horn sales. Everyone is invited to get up close and say their goodbyes.

Driven by a false belief in their medicinal benefits, rhino horns are worth more than gold and poaching has condemned the northern white rhinos to the brink of extinction. Only Sudan, his daughter Najiin, and granddaughter Fatu are left.

The sculpture is expected to arrive tomorrow ahead of an official unveiling on Thursday morning. Per the Facebook invite:

Gillie and Marc Art have recreated the last three Northern White Rhinos – Sudan, Najin, and Fatu – in a 17-foot bronze sculpture to inspire, educate and mobilize the global community to raise their voices and affect real change against illegal rhino poaching trade.

Please join us in unveiling “The Last Three” to create a legacy of the Northern White Rhinos, and save future species from extinction.

Order of Events

9:00am – Introduction
9.15am – Speeches
10.00am – Unveiling
10.15am – Photos
10.30am – Interviews

Gillie and Marc’s sculpture will be used to raise critical awareness about the plight of the rhinos and ways people can help.

“Our mission is to collect at least 1-million goodbye messages and put them towards a petition for approaching governments about eliminating the demand for rhino horns through education” says Gillie, “You can help by leaving a goodbye message for Sudan before he’s gone forever.”

And here is a rendering of the sculpture…

You can read more about the project here.

Gillie and Marc Art reportedly invested $150,000 of their own money for the project. (There was also a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $50,000.) Cable network Nat Geo Wild is the main sponsor.

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