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The Bitcoin Conference New York 2018 HOQU Blockchain Cocktail


HOQU CEO and co-founder Alexey Shmonov

HOQU, the first decentralized affiliate platform, together with Grand Private Equity, presenting by co-founders Alexey Shmonov and Roman Kaufman, has assembled world-class speakers in New York on the 21st of March, to bring up to speed on the latest trends in the area of fintech, ICO and legal regulation in the field.

Top experts of the world have discuss core topics of blockchain and address upcoming trends of ICO for 2018 as well as regulatory framework and the best practices used in different parts of the globe. Prominent speakers, success stories, positive vibe, new and helpful connections are waiting for you.

The merry conference was attended by about 200 people. Though many more wanted to attend, but fire safety requirements and other regulatory issues had limited the number. Among the attendees were many Russian-speaking and English-speaking individuals, and many funds, about 15 people were engaged exclusively in private investments and they were invited by Grand Private Equity, a HOQU partner.

The audience is enthralled by the presentation…:)

Among the speakers was David Drake and a number of those who contributed to the conference. There were also marketing agencies present, including ICORating. The event went on in the Cigar Club, where the participants of the event could frankly communicate with each other in full.

HOQU conducted the Cocktail event as a prelude to many more similar events aimed at strengthening ties with the blockchain community. Stay tuned for more news and updates from HOQU as the project continues to attend and organize various events around the world.

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