EGGS 2018

Easter rituals or Eastern victuals, it’s all in LIC

AS everyone knows Christmas falls on December 25, St. Patty’s on March 17, and Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November, but Easter is ever so elusive.  Sure I know it’s on a Sunday, but that can land anytime from late March until almost the end of April. This really messes with my vacation schedule – will it be ski-able in Verbier, too cold in Palm Beach, too hot in Anguilla???

Even more elusive than Easter Sunday, is the date of the Annual LIC Egg Hunt, and even more elusive than that is the sign-up date for your child for the egg hunt.Before we get to the dates and detes, I want to share some background on this event.  First of all this is the 9th Annual Egg Hunt in Hunters Point, which by my count means it started in …hmm, …minus 9 …oh ancient times in LIC years.  And is also how the area got its name way back when, I think.  Secondly, this year it will be sponsored by two organizations, Renew Queens and Wellspring Church NYC1  – the latter of which seems to have had more transfiguration’s in recent years than the Holiday’s honoree.  Finally, it’s a great community event these two organizations are continuing and enhancing, because the last few occasions it’s evolved into an Easter Festival with carnival games and live entertainment.

Ok, so without further ado, the 9th Annual LIC Egg Hunt will occur on Saturday March 31 from 10am – noon in Gantry Plaza State Park.  The Queensbridge Hunt will occur from 2pm – 3:30pm in Queensbridge Park.  Registration begins tomorrow, March 24CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

//WAIT, there’s more!  When it comes to Easter the pickings are bounteous in LIC.  Murray Park has its own Easter Egg Hunt – because no child should ever have to walk more than 200 yards before engaging in battle.  The Swillinger Group at LevelOne Real Estate sponsors this one, also on Saturday, March 31 from 10am until noon. It too features a hunt, games, live entertainment, and snacks!  Email murrayparkevents@gmail.com to register.

Renew Queens Websiteclick for more info on this organization

Wellspring Church NYCclick for more info on this organization

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  1. I believe it formerly was called, or recongregated, Trinity Grace Church Queens, which itself had adopted the TGC portion only recently

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