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Doesn’t look shady to me

THE Mets are in first place – it must be April!  In conjunction with that we’ve trotted out the hackneyed title above, which basically means there’s no local news of import.  Unless of course you’re a foodie – a designation given to anyone who lives in a major metropolitan area on one of the coasts, eats food, and is not a vegan, in which case the large signage added to the facade of the soon-to-be-opened Xi’an Famous Foods on Jackson Avenue is an indicator of the Second Coming.

//CHICKEN & Waffles – around the turn of the century I spent a long weekend with my cousin who lives in LA, where I was introduced to three local customs: drag racing, lenge tacos eaten street side, and Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.  Fast forward 15-20 years and tacos are ubiquitous in the five boros while drag racing will never be, unless it’s Uber vs. Lyft.  As for chicken and waffles, it’s on the cusp of a culinary break out here in the city and currently on the menu at fashionable/hip spots like Red Rooster in Harlem, Pies n Thighs in Williamsburg, and at Sweet Chick which just this week opened a branch in Long Island City, and where this entree is given main billing.  Who needs LA, please pass the syrup.

Permanent Signage Comes to Xi’an Famous Foods on Jackson Avenuebiang biang noodles soon!

Nas Opens Sweet Chick In the Queens Neighborhood Where He Grew Upsorta the neighborhood

Filings Submitted for 24-Story Flatiron Building Replica in Queens Plazacool triangular building

Filing Updated for 6-Story Hotel in Dutch Killssee pic of current edifice as the neighborhood is slowly chipped away

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