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As the only on-demand delivery app that can deliver anything from anywhere, today Postmates is announcing our 360 brand marketing campaign “We Get It” in New York. From ShackBurgers® to Meatball Shop meatball sliders, Halal Guys’ combo platters with extra white sauce — or by CHLOE. sweet potato fries, Tacombi tacos… and/or a slice of Milk Bar’s Crack Pie® for dinner — we’re ready to deliver anything and everything to you New York, 24/7.

Inspired by insights from our iconic New York partners, “We Get It” is a cheeky nod to Postmates’ growing place in the lives of time-pressed, information-overloaded, subway-crowded customers in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Because as someone living in the city that never sleeps, we know that you came here to be somebody — but some nights you just want to be somebody with a burrito. Or hey, maybe you moved here to be better than everyone else in your hometown — but also for the bagels (and the pizza).

Whatever it is you need New York, we get it.

To kick off the campaign, we will be offering free delivery each week from one of our favorite partners — starting with the one and only Shake Shake. To ensure you don’t miss out, check out the schedule below and read on for more partner insights that will make you pause and think — “Only in New York!”

New York “We Get It” Promotions

  • 4/16–4/22 Free Postmates Delivery from Shake Shack
  • 4/23–4/29 Free Postmates Delivery from Milk Bar
  • 4/30 -5/6 Free Postmates Delivery from The Meatball Shop
  • 5/7–5/13 Free Postmates Delivery from by CHLOE.
  • 5/14–5/20 Free Postmates Delivery from Tacombi
  • 5/21 -5/27 Free Postmates Delivery from The Halal Guys

Fact. The Halal Guys have delivered enough platters to feed every current student at NYU and Columbia. And with every platter, comes extra red sauce and extra white sauce. Because everything is better with extra sauce.

To New Yorkers, burgers and Shake Shack are synonymous terms. Every time a customer in NYC orders a burger there’s a 1 in 2 chance it’s Shake Shack. And let’s just say that in the last 3 months, people have ordered enough Shake Shack to equate to four fifths of a T-Rex. We did the math on this one.

Postmates has delivered over 300k balls in New York City from The Meatball Shop. That’s 7.6 miles of balls, or 1,588 Statues of Liberty stacked back to back, entirely made of Meatball Shop meatballs. It goes without saying that if you’re postmating meatballs in Manhattan, it’s from the Meatball Shop.

We’ve saved Tacombi customers a total of approximately 60,000 minutes these past few months. That’s a full month and a half of time that was saved by postmating Tacombi, instead of the time it would’ve taken to wait in line and/or travel back and forth. And yes, we love the atmosphere of Tacombi just as much as the next person. But if you’re pressed for time, postmate it.

Milk Bar customers are nearly three times more likely to order late night than the average NYC customer. In fact, a third of all Milk Bar orders took place from 9 PM to midnight. And to top it off, the sheer quantity of sugar that’s been delivered via Postmates and Milk Bar these past few months is on par with the daily caloric intake needed to sustain a bear getting ready for hibernation. Pretty sure this evidence supports the theory that NYC really is the city that never sleeps — and also the home of the greatest desserts ever.

Ever overheard someone saying they‘ll have the salad— just so they can order a side of fries? Well, this NY “stereotype” turns out to be a pretty real reality — at least with our by CHLOE. customers. For starters, by CHLOE. salads are the most postmated item on the menu. But in a close second place is you guessed it: by CHLOE. fries. Maybe we should all just call it like it is and order fries with a side salad next time? Food for thought.

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