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TechDay Countdown: Our inspirational Manhattan spots


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Continuing our countdown to Tech Day NYC (only 3 weeks to go! 🙌) we’ve outlined our favourite inspirational locations across Manhattan. To do this we each reflected on what inspires us within Manhattan. This was a hard one, the entire city is mesmerizing and to explain what inspires us in a few words was a challenge!

Nonetheless, here we are with our most inspirational places in The Big Apple…

James says

“For me, I love NYC’s architecture — it’s simply inspiring. From 432 Park Avenue slim ratio record breaking skyscraper and billionaire bathtub view, to the old school money elegant brownstone townhomes and onto Greenwich village rustic charming warm coloured bricks with iconic water towers; all of that gives me the famous NYC tourist staring up starry eyed.”

Dean says

NYC is, to me, the unicorn of cities in the world — the place i’ve dreamt of since a young age. I can’t easily pinpoint what inspires me directly about NYC but the closest I can relate it to is the idea of the American dream. Being in the city of skyscrapers where anything is possible, even escaping the business of day-to-day life in Central Park.”

Gagan says

NYC is one of those must visit locations on a lot of peoples’ bucket lists, known for its endless opportunities and being the gateway to the promiseland of America. When thinking about what inspires me in Manhattan I struggled to narrow it down to just one thing. Really it’s the vibe of being in hustle and bustle on the streets that I love and draws me in.”

Alex says

“I find New York special in so many different ways from the incredible architectural achievements, the vast numbers of people through to the pure energy running through the city and its urban roads; it really is an incredible city. The city radiates an amazing sense of opportunity and the sheer scale really reinforces that. My favorite, and most emotional experience from my visit had to be the 9/11 memorial museum, words cannot explain the experience until you see it for yourself.”

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