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How much does a professional cleaning after repair?


Dust, debris, paint stains, glue and mortar … Yes, that’s not what you expected when you were expecting the end of the repair. However, construction work is a dirty business. Therefore, cleaning after repair is a necessary final step on the way to the interior of your dream. And it is better to entrust this unpleasant work to those who know how to cope with it as quickly and qualitatively as possible.

Cleaning the room after the repair involves a range of works — from the removal of construction debris to polishing furniture and disinfection of sanitary ware with the use of special cleaning tools. More details about the list of necessary works … You can calculate the cost of professional cleaning services yourself — based on the type of room and its quadrature. See the possible rates … When moving to a new, newly built, office, house or apartment, you may need to conduct special, post-construction, cleaning. What is its specificity? When office cleaning and commercial cleaning, it is important to use special maid service equipment that allows cleaning any type of surface, including windows, facades, windows, floors. Calculating the cost of work … Is it possible to save energy and time cleaning the apartment and house, getting the desired result? Learn about the features of cleaning company … What includes the general cleaning of the premises after repair If your apartment is small, you can try to restore order on their own.

This will take a lot of time and money — because you have to buy special cleaning compounds that will help wipe off all this dirt. It is possible that in the process you will ruin a fresh laminate or tile — simply because you do not know how to carefully remove the pollution without damaging the finishing materials. Is it worth the risk? And if we are talking about a large room — a cottage or an office — the more necessary is the help of professionals.

There are several reasons why it is better to instruct the cleaning company after repair:

  • Dirt after repair is not ordinary dust, at times pollution is eaten almost tightly, and to clean them, specialists use special substances (often quite expensive) for each material and type of contamination — certain.
  • Professionals have the necessary skills to work with similar cleaning products and a wide experience of their application.
  • Worthy cleaning company use only environmentally friendly and high-quality professional powders and liquids that do not harm health.
  • Professional cleaners have all the necessary equipment for high-quality maid service cleaning after repair — industrial vacuum cleaners, steam generators, dry cleaners at home.

Cleaning services conclude contracts with customers, which describe all services, and are responsible for the quality of work.

Commercial cleaning after repair includes several stages, and it does not matter whether it is an apartment, a country house or a shopping center — the work plan is always about the same:

  • Cleaning, packing, removal of construction debris and preliminary cleaning of the premises.
  • Remove construction dust from all surfaces with a professional vacuum cleaner and special tools.
  • Removal of the remnants of building materials from all surfaces, removing stains.
  • Washing and polishing floors, if necessary — polishing the floor covering.
  • Wet cleaning of all surfaces, as well as furniture from inside and outside.
  • Washing and cleaning of the bathrooms with disinfection.
  • Dry cleaning of furniture and textile floor coverings.
  • Washing and polishing of windows (windows are washed on both sides, along with slopes, window sill and ebb, similarly washed balcony block or glazed balcony).

Post renovation cleaning has some features — usually not only the internal premises, but also the facade, as well as, if necessary, the adjacent territory and objects located on it — gazebos, playgrounds, benches, barbecue and picnic areas.

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