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New York! New York! – Divya Ramachandran – Medium


Hi! This is me again! I just got back from New York and am finally at my brother’s home at San Francisco. Our flight back to San Fran had a three hour stop over at Pittsburgh as the smoke alarm in one of the toilets had gone off and the flight had to be inspected for any circuitry gone wrong. After a few hours of a layover, where we were given food and some pillows and blankets to sleep in, we boarded our flight back to San Francisco.

So I’m writing this after a nice warm shower, feeling the satisfaction of being back home, after a long stint of travel and in the hope of quitting tea for good.

I landed at the New York airport and had to get to Chappaqua, where my relatives were. It was about an hour away from the city and a lot of it seemed to be wilderness in which houses were constructed. After a warm dinner and a good night’s sleep, we headed for a walk around the city the next day.

After an hour long ride in the metro, we walked into Grand Central, one of the most archaic looking metro stations I have ever seen. It would be a treat just walking through it. It had everything from stores to food joints. You can pass a lot of time just roaming about there.

Grand Central

We stepped out of the station into ‘New York’, officially and walked down all the way to Central Park. The walk was fabulous. There were so many stores and people on the streets. Hardly anyone was waiting for a stop sign and like everyone says, it is truly a city that keeps moving. It did match India’s pace to large extent but the only difference was there was no excessive horn usage in spite of us being at the prime part of the city.

We entered Central Park and saw some beautiful lilies at the entrance. We walked down to the Zoo and it soon started to rain. We headed out of the park and back to Grand Central by a motorized rickshaw.

Lilies right outside Central Park
Mom and me at Central Park

The next day we hit Times Square. It was very much like how they portray it on T.V. I even looked up and twirled around so I could have a full view of all the flashing screens on the sky scrapers.

Promoting ‘Chicago

After about a few hours around Times Square, we headed to catch a Broadway show ‘Aladdin and His Magic Lamp’. The show was about 2 and half hours long and it was fantastic.

Rubbing the magic lam after the Broadway show

After a walk back across Times Square at midnight, and seeing zooming cars which seemed to be right out of ‘Fast and Furious’, we headed back home.

Me at Times Square at mid night

Day three was great, we headed to see ‘Madame Tussads’ wax museum. Some people did mention it was over hyped, but honestly I thought it was great and if you ever have the chance you should definitely go see it.

Me and Dali at Madame Tussads

What I loved the most about the museum is that Ms. Tussad had even got the skin texture perfect on almost all the figures. It was quite a thrill looking at them.

We walked down the Brooklyn Bridge after that. It was quite a construction. The bridge has a pathway right above it for pedestrians and cyclists. As I entered the beginning of the bridge I was really wondering why I had come all the way just for this, but as I walked across I was really inspired by the construction. The view of Manhattan was spectacular from the bridge. You could see the whole of the city, from the Statue of Liberty to the WTC.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The next day we went took a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. A few people asked me if I went to her top, but no. Apparently you have to wait about 3 hours to get there. I remember the same happening to me and my brother at the Eiffel Tower.

Ferry to the Statue of Liberty

After a nice ferry ride, we took a walk to Wall Street to see the famous Bull. They added a small statue of a girl at the front of the bull and name it ‘The Brave Little Girl’.

The Bull and the brave little girl

We then went the 9–11 Memorial. The Memorial is one of the most pleasant constructions I have ever seen. I don’t think a picture would do justice to it. You have to experience it for yourself.

9–11 Memorial

I remembered, New York was also celebrating Red Nose Day, which was an attempt to end poverty by selling red noses for a dollar each. So naturally I bought one!

Red Nose Day

The author of this post, Divya Ramachandran is an Artist and Writer. She has Masters in Design from Milan and teaches art to kids during the week. She works on creative projects during her free time and loves collaborating with different artists.

You can get in touch with her at rama.divya@gmail.com or follow her on instagram @happy_divya.

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