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Lawsuits filed against Jersey City mayor over plans to move Polish statue


JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Members of the polish community filed lawsuits Tuesday in federal and superior court seeking an injunction to stop Mayor Steven Fulop from moving a statue that commemorates Poles killed by Soviets during World War II.

The mayor responded by stating he has not changed his mind about moving the statue so the city can move forward with plans to create more green park space in Exchange Place, where the statue has been standing since 1991.

“The statue has a meaning to everyone. Because it’s not just Polish soldiers, it’s Jewish people, Orthodox folks. And normal people, like you and I, who had their lives taken,” said Piotr Ulazka, a Jersey City resident.

Two Jersey City council members stood with the Polish community today, Councilman Michael Yun (Jersey City Heights) and Councilman Richard Boggiano (Journal Square).

“Leave the statue alone! Do not move it. Do not touch it,” said Boggiano.

“It’s a silly thing people are arguing over if you want to know my opinion,” said Mayor Steven Fulop.

The mayor says most people who live here want it moved.

But an international debate has blown up on social media.

The mayor responded in a tweet earlier this week… “…the statute is 100 percent being MOVED to the place it was supposed to be per 1986 ordnance…”

The ordinance the Mayor is referring to placed the statue at 75 Montgomery St. He said the statue will be moved there or to another location in the city.

But council members pointed to a 1989 resolution today that established a plaza at Exchange Place for the monument.

“I think a lot of people want apology from Mayor Fulop,” said another Polish-American Jersey City resident.

Fulop responded by stating an apology is ridiculous.

“Lets stop with the political games. Or any of the stuff. We’re just trying to build a park here. I’m not going to apologize for moving a monument to the rightful place where it was designated in 1986. I mean that’s ridiculous,” he said.

The polish community has planned protests for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to continue their push to stop the statue from being moved.

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