Last chance: The best things to do in NYC that end this month

If there’s one thing we hate, it’s missing out on all the cool events and shows that come through NYC. We also hate losing some of our favorite restaurants and bars before we have the chance to give a proper goodbye (a.k.a. sob into our plate of food). To avoid a case of FOMO from happening to you, we asked our editors and critics to share the previously ongoing events and performances that end this month, including some beloved restaurant closings. You still have a few days and weeks to check out the below. Our advice? Don’t waste another minute! 

Things to do

Cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanic Garden
As of now, those gorgeous pink-petal cherry blossom trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are in full-on thrive mode. However, toward the end of the month, that could very easily change. Translation: Don’t wait too long to get your Instagram photo. Time is of the essence!


Ends May 13: Lobby Hero
Michael Cera plays a security guard in Lobby Hero, which is a good joke right off the bat.

Ends May 25: Summer and Smoke
Transport Group and Classic Stage Company’s exquisite version of Tennessee Williams’s Summer and Smoke is strong enough to power a rocket into orbit—and that’s without mentioning the gigantic performance at its center.

Ends May 27: A Brief History of Women
The title of Alan Ayckbourn’s wistful comedy A Brief History of Women is a bit of a trick. The play isn’t brief (it runs a leisurely two and half hours) and its barrels of history are not exactly “of” women.


Ends May 27: 2018 Triennial: Songs for Sabotage
The fourth piece of the New Museum Triennial comes to a close on May 27. Titled “Songs for Sabotage,” the work will make you challenge how folks and organizations around the globe address the connection of images and culture to our societal structures.  

Food and Drink

Closes end of May: Brooklyn Star
Southern-fried, Williamsburg eatery Brooklyn Star is sadly retiring its low-country grub at the end of the month. Savor those cornbread and buttermilk biscuits while you can.

Closes end of May: Ganso
This Downtown Brooklyn noodle joint serves classic soy and miso broths, alongside comfort-food spins like crispy-pork-and-garlic gyoza potstickers and pork loin buns. Visit within the next few weeks for one last slurp.

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