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Out For Mud With Borghese.

Let’s talk about comfort zones for a moment!

When Borghese reached out, asking me to be a part of their new masks campaign, I immediately said yes. (Their mud masks are fantastic – I was already a big fan of their Advanced Fango Active Mud Mask and couldn’t wait to try the other three new ones!) There would be a photo shoot. I envisioned fluffy towels and robes – I didn’t think twice about it, I was IN.

And then I showed up and they told me we’d be going OUTSIDE. The name of the campaign is “Out for Mud,” aka #outformud on social media, and we spent the afternoon running all over the city to iconic New York spots – while wearing their new mud masks. I was definitely 100% out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I did it as the photos turned out so well and we ended up having so much fun goofing around taking them. (I think the bike ones are my favorite but the pizza is a close second as I got to eat my prop.)

I did get a few questions via DM on whether Borghese seriously wants you to wear your masks al fresco. Of course not! Well, unless you want to, of course – in that case, do you… snap a pic, and hashtag it with #outformud. The Out for Mud campaign is Borghese’s reminder to have fun, not take things too seriously, and live life out loud!

Borghese’s newest Mud Mask Collection consists of four formulas… all paraben-free….and all meant for face + body. I generally conserve my masks for face only but when I’m feeling a little extra/want to really pamper myself I will sit in the tub, carefully scrape every strand of hair back, and apply my mask to my face, neck, and decollate with a paintbrush*.

one // Advanced Fango Active (dark green) for deep cleaning the pores + exfoliating. This one is so so good for oily spots or all over when you need a detox… it’s especially great for urban dwellers as living in a city exposes your skin to so much pollution.

two // Fango Uniforme (brown) for brightening + evening out skin tone. I love this one on my nose/t-zone area… it’s really detoxifying without drying out my skin.

three // Advanced Fango Delicato (this is the pale mint) for more sensitive and/or mature/delicate skin. This one is hydrating and really nourishing – it’s perfect for more fragile skin types.

four // Fango Riparativo (cream) for dry skin. This one ended up being my favorite of the bunch, actually! It draws out dirt and oil while also soothing. If you’re someone who has always found mud masks to be too intense or irritating you will absolutely love this one.

I also learned a BIG lesson about application during the shoot. The Borghese girls all said “Ice it like a cake!” as they were applying the masks – this was new for me as I usually apply a thin layer of a mask and let it dry completely. For these masks, you’re actually meant to paint on a thick layer and leave it on for 2-5 minutes. It shouldn’t actually dry! Once I started doing this at home I really noticed the benefits of the masks (especially the Delicato + Riparativo). By not letting the masks dry, I didn’t have to scrub it off afterward, making for a a much more soothing removal process… it comes right off with a warm wash cloth!

The brand also makes a gorgeous set of all four masks and a travel-friendly pouch.. highly recommend this for any of my fellow masking aficionados! (It’s a $192 value for $144!)

*For those who will ask about the paintbrush, I just bought a wide flat brush at an art supply store. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy… just make sure it’s sturdy enough (with soft bristles) to apply your mask. You can also use your fingers but I think the brush adds a more luxurious touch.

photography by Leila Brewster; Sponsored by Borghese + ShopStyle.

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