3 things you should about dealing with NYC building perfect-Dominick Ciccarelli

One goal that every New Yorker has is buying a place in the city and renovating it to perfection. However, when the day comes you cannot just pick the hammer and begin the work as you have to file for various approvals, file the paperwork, and get familiar with the building codes. Dominick Ciccarelli, a licensed general contractor registered with the New York City Department of Buildings says that there are a few ups and downs while dealing with the NYC building permits. Here are a few expert tips by him to make the process of applying for the permits run as smoothly as possible:

NYC building- Dominick Ciccarelli

Figure out what you will be able to change

Things such as central air conditioning system are very difficult to install. Wrongly installed, it can affect exterior altercation, waterproofing, and create noise which can lead to your neighbors complaining about you. The same applies to kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom and any other room you want to renovate. So, before purchasing any new property, understand your ability to make the changes in the home.

Your superintendent is your secret weapon

If you have recently rented or bought an apartment or condo in the residential building, you might have to get the approval from co-op or the residential building board before applying for approvals at Department of Buildings. While the Department of Buildings keeps safety and code in mind, the building board generally looks at the plans of renovation by keeping insurance in mind. They can help you understand the type of changes that you can implement and other options that won’t work.

Schedule an asbestos test — and do it right away

Asbestos are the top concern along with lead paints in the homes in New York City. Thus, it is extremely necessary and advised to schedule for an asbestos test right away. Try to make sure that it coincides with the residential building management review process. Make sure you have everything care of before submitting your renovation plans to the New York’s Department of Buildings.

Remember, before you house hunt or buy property in any residential building, think about the renovation or changes that you will want and talk to the supervisor about them. You will also have to make sure that the plans are approved by DOB. According to the housing expert Dominick Ciccarelli, a sudden inspection by Department of Buildings (DOB) can lead to huge fines and maybe eviction.

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