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Introducing Instant Messages – Diggz


We are changing things up, and introducing a new way to connect with potential roommates.

Since we started Diggz, we believed the double opt-in method (requiring mutual likes to match and chat) is the best way to keep conversations relevant and focused while minimizing spam. However, we have been listening to our users’ feedback about the need to speed up conversations and decided to introduce a new way to connect with other users on our platform. From today, users can send Instant Messages to others directly, without having to wait for them to Like back and Match. With our new ‘Instant Message’ feature, users can send up to 5 Instant Messages directly to any of their most prominent roommate prospects and continue the conversation thereafter. Users can still use the “like” button for the rest of their roommate prospects and test whether the feeling is mutual.

For those that feel that five Instant Messages are not enough, they can earn more by sharing their profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. or by inviting their friends to join Diggz. We will be adding more ways for to easily earn Instant Messages in the near future.

So what does the Instant Message mean? Given that each user has a limited amount of Instant Messages, receiving one indicates that you are on someone’s top roommate prospect list. It also can convey that someone is on a time crunch to find a roommate and housing. For those that are wondering how to spend their instant messages, we recommend that you evaluate a few profiles first, consider if the other person is a good fit in terms of the basics (Move in date, budget, preferred areas) and that you will mesh well with their lifestyle and personality.

In terms of what to say first, we recommend using an ice breaker such as commenting on something that you like about their profile. For example If you both share the same pet goals, a hobby or are working in the same industry, that is a good way to grab attention. We don’t recommend sharing any personal contact of the bat. You are free to message as much as you want so make sure this is someone you want to have your number, email or social media info first.

We are hopeful that the addition of Instant Messages will be helpful to our users to connect with like-minded roommates and accelerate your roommate search. If you think this is a step in the right direction, please let us know and leave a comment below (we also welcome any questions or other suggestions).

To start browsing for roommates and sending Instant Messages, check us out at www.diggz.co

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