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Glossier Lash Slick: My Honest Thoughts.

A lot of hype has been made about Glossier Lash Slick. Whenever a product gets a ton of attention (the way that so many of Glossier’s products do!) I’m immediately a bit skeptical. Is it just good PR and marketing (or that cute millennial pink packaging)? Or, is it a genuinely good product? I placed my order (yes, #ipaidforthis) the day it came out and could not wait to try it. It was my friend Olivia’s piece for Bustle that really sold me on it – her before & after photos were amazing! When it came in the mail I literally dropped everything to try it. I don’t remember the last time I was so excited to start testing a product. Well my friends, I’ve been using it for a solid 3 weeks and I’m here to tell you that Lash Slick is the real deal. You can see the before + after photos below but I’m really loving it. It’s the perfect everyday mascara – it lengthens lashes and gives them a little volume (and a really pretty sheen – lashes almost look wet) but also stays on all day. (The formula is water-resistant, not waterproof; so it stays on all day but you can easily take it off with warm water.) It’s made it through countless yoga classes, several sweaty runs, rain and humidity in Cuba, and a few late nights.

It stays on so well in fact that (note: I am very ashamed and DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS), one night when I accidentally went to bed in my makeup (I never do this, I was deeply exhausted and slightly drunk) and my mascara was still perfect the next day. It didn’t rub off around my eyes, it stayed on perfectly… even through sleep. That is not a good way to test a beauty product but I had to share it as that never happens. This stuff looks natural and does not budge! An A+ from me!

glossier lash slick review with before and after photos | grace atwood, the stripe

Before and after!

glossier lash slick review with before and after photos | grace atwood, the stripe

If you read here regularly you know that I’m generally of an “I’ll just buy my mascara at the drugstore” mindset as I’d rather spend my money on skincare. I worked at P&G and Coty for years and saw how much research they put into their brands (it’s all about the brush) and I’ve tried so many $40 mascaras that yield only meh results. And while I still LOVE my favorite Maybelline mascara, this is better for a more natural look. The Maybelline one gives me the drag queen lashes I crave at night – this is great for everyday when you just want to look pretty and natural. And it’s only $16 – yes, more expensive than the drugstore but not nearly as expensive as department store mascaras.

glossier lash slick review with before and after photos | grace atwood, the stripe

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