Marry yourself at a wedding ceremony in Mexico

If you’ve ever despaired of having a big day with your partner or if you simply wish to practice a bit of self-love and indulge yourself, you can take the leap and commit to yourself in a wedding ceremony at a luxury hotel in Mexico.

The retreat incorporates shamanic elements. Photo by Rosewood Mayakoba

Called the ‘Marry Oneself Journey’, it’s a four day retreat at the Rosewood Mayakoba near Playa del Carmen. Combining elements of luxury and wellness wrapped in a package of spirituality, it’s a personalised experience that focuses on the theme of self-love and connecting with your inner self while taking inspiration from ancient Mayan traditions.

The retreat begins with the hotel’s resident Shaman who creates a personalised itinerary for the next few days. They will all include guided activities focusing on each of the four elements, including an aquatic therapy session, a beach walk, a steam session and a session with drumming and singing bowls.

You don’t need to wait for a partner to have a wedding. Photo by Rosewood Mayakoba

In addition, the brides and grooms-to-be can avail of the luxurious spa surroundings and will have treatments that include facials, massages, hand and feet treatments and will have their own skincare package to take home.

The retreat culminates with a wedding ceremony when you can “re-commit” to yourself. You’ll have to write your own vows and give yourself a promise of “a lifetime of happiness, self-compassion, and self-love”, all guided by the resident Shaman.

The spa takes inspiration from pre-Hispanic culture. Photo by Rosewood Mayakoba

Most of the retreat takes place in the hotel’s spa, which has its own island in the resort, which itself stretches to 1600 acres. While there, it’s surrounded on one side by a mile of sandy beaches or the jungle of the Riviera Maya on the other side.

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