Cities with the Most Sunshine

Although summer officially starts on June 21st, for most residents it might already feel like summer is here! As we gear up for the summer solstice (the longest day of the year), check out these cities that get the most sunshine!

The summer solstice is still celebrated by cultures all over the world. Many of us choose to enjoy this time by heading to the beach or having a BBQ tipping off the next few months of amazing weather and fun with friends and family.

Its no wonder that the cities in the southwest get the most sunshine. Texas, Arizona, and Nevada are the only states that made our list. The hot desert and desert-like climates in the cities of Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon, El Paso, and Yuma get over 200 sunny days annually.

Yuma, Arizona gets the most sunshine with 308 sunny days a year. This city is at the seat of Yuma County and is a popular city for retirees and snowbirds who want to escape to somewhere warm for the winter. In fact, the area used to get over 85,000 retirees that would stay in the city during winter months. The city borders Mexico and California — two sunny neighbors. Yuma is nicknamed the Sunniest Place on Earth.

Las Vegas gets 294 sunny days annually. Located in the Mojave desert, Las Vegas, or Sin City as it is nicknamed, is a world-renowned tourist destination well-known for its casinos, nightlife, and concert venues. Vegas, as its affectionately called, is also a major business center attracting millennials. Plus, retirees enjoy the entertainment and other activities offered in and around the city.

We know it cant be summer forever, but in these cities, you can enjoy lots of nice weather. Want a longer summer? Start looking for a home in one of these cities today!

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