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The kids from “School of Rock” talk about what it takes to do 8 shows a week on Broadway


NEW YORK—Most kids their age spend their days in school, with activities and friends filling their afternoons.

But for Ava Briglia and Jim Kaplan, a normal day usually ends with a company bow!

“Being on Broadway is probably the most amazing thing that I’ve experienced in my entire life,” Kaplan exclaimed.

They’re not even in middle school and already have impressive resumes.

“I was in Matilda on Broadway and also School of Rock on tour,” Briglia explained.

Jim was in “The King & I” on Broadway and also did the “Matilda” national tour.

Ava’s hometown is in Pennsylvania and Jim is from Roslyn, Long Island.

They both live in the city with their moms while they’re performing and have private tutoring.

“My mom teaches me, but on Wednesdays I have tutoring from 930 to 1230,” Kaplan said.

“Ever since 1st grade, I’ve been in a cyber school. It has a really flexible schedule. My teacher posts lessons and I have classmates too. It’s like real school but with a computer,” Briglia said.

Both kids recently joined the show, with Ava taking over the role of Summer and Jim plays Lawrence.

“In the beginning he’s a little shy and awkward and then when he meets Dewy he becomes more confident in himself,” Kaplan added.

“My character, she’s a feminist. She’s a strong character and she stands up for women’s rights,” Briglia said.

On the day we caught up with them, they were prepping for a performance of Stars in the Alley.

“When I saw Mean Girls and Hamilton, I was shaking at the stage,” Briglia added.

Jim said he felt the same way seeing the stars of the shows they’ve seen.

Already professionals, they know they’re giving up a so-called normal childhood, but wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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