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So, it turns out I have no chill.

Story time: I was having some anxiety about an interview, so I asked my dad if we could meet up and chat so I could calm my nerves. And he said yes. And so we met up. And who should walk in? Tommy. Freaking. Kale.

I don’t think I alerted him to my lack of chill. But that is the best I can say of my reaction. I mean, I had NONE. No chill. Whatsoever.

My dad had tons of chill. For co text, he is face blind; so he would have had no idea if queen Elizabeth herself sat down next to him (he might get that one, actually, off of context clues, but from the face alone, not a chance).

So, when I became aware that we were in the presence of a living legend, I caught my breath and muttered “oh my god”, and then, because my dad could tell something was up, I very casually (not at all casually) texted him that Tommy Kale was sitting next to us and then we spent the next half an hour or so just talking at the table next to his. I mean, my dad was talking, I was taking subtle glances to my right, shakily sipping water and hyperventilating.

I don’t think he noticed. If he did, he very kindly pretended not to. I’m sorry if he did and felt uncomfortable, my intention was not to have no chill.

So, moral of the story:

I’ve learned that I need to work on having some chill. I’ve learned that whatever happens in this interview I’m about to have won’t be the biggest story from today. And I’ve learned that history is happening in Manhattan and I just happen to be in the greatest city, in the greatest city in the world!

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